Asha recieved the personal blessings of three Indian Saints who teach the path of the Mother Goddess.    (1) Shree Maa. (2) Ammachi. (3) Sri Karunamayi.

Shree Maa is an epitome of silence and peace. Her deep spirituality is based in the Cosmic unity of the formless Brahman with the Goddess in Her form as Durga (Chandi).

Ammachi is also known as the "Hugging Saint." She is know to have hugged 24 million people over the last 20 years. Her manifestation of the Goddess Kali is of special inspiration to Asha, who has been blessed by Ammachi on two occasions.

Sri Karunamayi is an embodiment of the Goddess of the Arts, Saraswati. Sri Karunamayi blessed Asha's sacred dance projects recently, during a meeting in Atlanta

In India, Asha came into contact with the Ashram of
the Sri Rama Chandra Mission, and was initiated
into meditation there. She has also recently recieved the blessings of Sri Viswayogi Viswamji, of Guntur, India.
   (1) Shri Rajagopalachari. (2) Shirdi Sai Baba. (3) Sri Viswayogi.

Shi Rajagopalachari, of the Sri Rama Chandra Mission The Mission teaches meditation using a unique transmission from their lineage of Masters.

Shirdi Sai Baba is a Saint of the early Nineteenth Century, who's presence Asha felt during her stay in Bangalore, India.

Sri Viswayogi is a manifestation of Dattatreya, spiritually akin to Shirdi Sai Baba.

The whirling dance of the
Sufi Dervishes combines meditation with move-
mement, and is also central
to the experience of the sacred in Asha's dance.
   (1) Adnan Sarhan. (2) Mevlevi Sufi Order.

Adnan Sarhan is a Sufi teacher and member of five Sufi Orders.

The Mevlevi Order of Sufis preserves the Sufi Way of Rumi, and is one of the few Sufi Orders that accepts Women in the dance of the Dervishes.

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