Enjoy a holistic approach to learning the ancient art of belly dancing for fun, healing or exercise.

This DVD is a collection of basic belly dancing lesions designed for beginners, six years of age and up. Asha teaches by using a body awareness approach by weaving traditional, isolated movements with diaphragmatic breathing and simple visualizations, to facilitate the body’s own natural healing abilities, with similar results as produced by Yoga and Tai‘Chi.

• Reduces stress symptoms
• Calms central nervous system
• Develops abdominal muscles
• Increases circulation
• Increases mental clarity
• May relieve lower back pain
• Decreases symptoms of PMS

Asha’s approach to belly dancing is
especially suited for women seeking a healthy relationship with their bodies. Her relaxed teaching style, love for the ancient art form, and sense of humor make belly dancing fun and accessible for women
of all ages with no background in dancing.”

- Patricia Shape, Ph.D.
Health Educator and
Women’s Group Facilitator

Middle Eastern dance is a great way to release the tensions of the day, and recharge your energy level.”

- Connie Scrivens
Marketing Director,
Kroger Center for the Arts