Ashadance had the pleasure of producing Night of the Goddess, a Benefit Dance Concert for Mother Earth, at CenterStage Atlanta on October 14th.

Atlanta’s most accomplished dancers will embodied the Goddess archetypes found in the many religions and spiritual practices such as Kali, Isis and Athena.  Accompanied by live music, spoken word and a backdrop of sacred temples and sites, these solo and group performances will represent ancient dances in countries including Egypt, Greece, Morocco, India, Persia, Turkey, the British Isles, Hawaii, Spain.

Graphic Design by Jesse Arana  

Dance styles in “Night of the Goddess” incorporated ancient and classical, modern, and folkloric influences for aficionados of these dramatically different styles, world music fans, and members of Atlanta’s diverse dance community.

Asha, showcase organizer and an Atlanta pioneer in sacred dance, belly dance, and Bollywood fusion said “Night of the Goddess” was a chance to sample the rich diversity of styles in dance and music available in the Atlanta area. 

“A lot of people don’t realize how many talented ethnic performers live here,” she said.  “Atlanta has grown so much, and there are so many different talents and influences to explore.”

Asha chose the theme of giving honor to the Goddess “because She is described in all the ancient cultures as the Creative Force and Sustainer of Earth’s bountiful resources.”

“In the past, I have performed at many cancer benefits,” Asha said, “and was always glad I did. But after researching more on the causes of disease, I decided to do a "disease preventive" benefit, to educate people about eliminating the causes of disease and this includes having nutritional foods that have the essential properties to heal us.”

Proceeds from this performance went to benefit the Natural Solutions Foundation, a non-profit organization to raise awareness about how to protect the right to natural foods, such as non-GMO, non-irradiated, and chemical-free fruits, vegetables and grains. Proceeds also went to support its local supporting chapter, SelfCareFreedom, Inc.

Natural Solutions Foundation / Watch the Nutricide Video